Have you felt the cold over the last few days? As winter approaches it’s super important you stay one step ahead of the game with your safety. We want to make sure all our customers are warm, comfortable and secure at home this winter. We have gathered 3 top tips on how to make sure your boiler is 100% ready for the cold months ahead.

There’s nothing better than getting home to a warm home when you’ve had a hard day at the office. Imagine getting back after a long cold shift to find your boiler is on the blink, below you will find 5 super tips to help prevent a situation like that happening to you.


This summer has been a blissful one (doesn’t happen often) so we are pretty sure the majority of you would not have been using the heating that often. Therefore now is the perfect time to get it checked over before the winter months really kicks in by one of our expert gas engineers. Why not book a boiler service here for just £60. It’s better to be on the safe side rather getting home one day on a chilly evening to find your boiler has packed in,


Here at On The Blink, we recommend a gas check once a year. We want to make sure our customers are aware of the immense dangerous gas can cause if your boiler is not regularly maintained, our gas engineers can make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working properly and tested rigorously.


If your condensate pipe is on an outside wall, then make sure it is insulated. When the temperature drops below freezing then the liquid within the condensate pipe can freeze and cause your boiler to go to a lockout. A simple solution to this is pipe insulation (sometimes called pipe lagging). Pipe Insulation minimises the heat loss keeping the water in the condensate pipe above freezing. We recommend from any condensate pipework that is run outside should be upgraded to 32mm pipe size.

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There you have it 3 tips that could save you thousands. If the worst did happen and your boiler is completely non-fixable, here at On The Blink we offer Boiler installation at a competitive price. We have spent numerous time perfecting our online booking system making it ever so easy for you to book a free no obligation home visit with our engineer to discuss the best boiler deals for your property.

Book you’re boiler service or a free no obligation home visit to discuss the best boiler installation options for you.