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Frequently asked questions

Who are Blink?

We’re a boiler and solar installation company based in Cardiff, South Wales. Founded by two brothers in 2015, we’ve installed over 800 new boilers across South Wales. Our aim is to assist you in discovering the optimal boiler solution at a competitive price, all while actively contributing to the reduction of your carbon footprint. Learn more about us.

Do you send out a surveyor or salesperson first?

At Blink, we understand your aversion to salespeople. Rest assured, we share your sentiment.

To provide you with a fixed price for your new boiler or solar panels, we have designed a hassle-free process. All we require is a few straightforward questions and some basic details about your home.

Who will be installing my boiler?

We certainly will be! We do not engage in outsourcing our work to subcontractors. Instead, all of our engineers are directly employed by Blink. We believe in this approach as it enables us to uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship while also ensuring steady employment for our staff.

How much will it cost for a new boiler?

Due to the unique characteristics of each property in terms of shape and size, it can be challenging to provide an exact price in advance. However, during our video call or phone call, we can have a detailed conversation about your budget and objectives. It’s worth noting that we offer a 0% finance package for the majority of our boiler deals.

Will Blink take away my old boiler?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to remove your old boiler unless instructed otherwise. If you prefer to keep your old boiler, kindly inform us prior to your scheduled installation date.

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