Smart thermostats explained

Let’s begin with what the hell is a smart thermostat.  Many of you may be tech savvy and have a good understanding of the Internet, some of you might have a Google home or an Alexa device that you use regularly for information from the web. Asking Google to sing happy birthday is a good one or what that’s the latest news. These are all simple interactions that can make life that little bit easier for you. Big tech companies can see the future where automation will help and assist us in our day to day life, Google and a not so tech based company British Gas have each developed there own smart thermostat. Both devices connect to your home heating system and internet connection to create an environment where you can change the temperature, switch your heating off or on from your smartphone or other devices such as the Google home and Alexa.

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What can smart thermostats do?

The best thing about smart thermostats is their ease to use. All you need is a basic smartphone and an internet connection. You could be on your way back from the airport and easily turn your heating on with a push of a button. Some thermostats come equipped with geofencing tracking, this means you could be on your way home from work cruising down the M4 and you’ve reached Newport, a location-based alert will be sent from your phone to your thermostat to ignite your boiler and start heating your home before you get back.

Most thermostats have several modes like holiday mode to protect your pipes whilst your not there, draught detection and safety modes that constantly look for anomalies in your heating patterns.

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What is the difference between a Smart Meter and a Smart Thermostat?

When it comes to being smart a lot of us get a bit confused between these two devices, they are actually very different pieces of kit.

In simple terms, your Smart Thermostats gives your remote control access over your heating system whilst smart meters mainly deal with your gas and electricity readings.

By 2020 most homes in England, Scotland and Wales will all be equipped with Smart meters provided for free from your local energy provider. They will take automatic meter readings and send them to your supplier, with the aim of ending estimated billing and giving you the customer more information on your energy consumption all through an in-home display.

There you have it one controls your home all from your phone whilst the other provides meter reading information about your energy consumption.

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Our Range of Smart Thermostats

Here at On The Blink we can supply and install two of the main market-leading devices, the Google Nest and The British Gas – Hive. Both are pretty much the same with one costing slightly cheaper than the other.

Below you will find a short description and a video about each product, we can help you decide which smart thermostat will be best for you. 

The Google Nest

nest and google home in homeRemotely controls heating and hot water. Control temperature, check energy history, control hot water tank/schedule and receive alerts via the Nest app on a smartphone. OpenTherm technology modulates a high-efficiency condensing boiler, enabling energy saving. Functions include auto-away and auto-schedule so that programming is not necessary, as Nest learns from frequent use and programmes itself accordingly.

The Hive

the hive smart thermostat on tableGeolocation and text control enable heating alerts and send commands to the Hive anytime, anywhere. Functions include holiday mode to ensure heating is on prior to returning to the property or as and when required. Temperature graphs monitor heating usage and efficiency. Includes heating boosts for up to 6 hours, child lock whereby a PIN lock can be set on the app or wireless thermostat, and automatic frost protection. Can be installed on gas or LPG systems, and certain electric boilers. Includes hub.

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Contacted On The Blink through their Facebook page, very prompt response. Arranged for an engineer to install a Hive thermostat the next day. Can’t fault the service the engineer Dan also gave us a quick tutorial and even connected it to our Alexa. Now I can lie in bed and turn the heating on without getting up. Amazing! Thanks, guys.

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